We’re in the lab, fixing the glitch in our frame.

At Glitchy Frame, we take pride in our role as the driving force behind Neauvia’s unparalleled social media elevation in the UAE market. Our approach goes beyond the conventional, as we meticulously immerse ourselves in Neauvia’s brand ethos and global vision. This deep understanding empowers us to craft content that resonates not only with the local audience but also aligns seamlessly with Neauvia’s international identity. Through strategic content creation, innovative campaigns, and a keen eye for trends, we’ve catapulted Neauvia’s UAE account to the forefront of the digital landscape. Our collaborative efforts have garnered the attention of the central office account, showcasing our ability to effectively amplify Neauvia’s voice on a global scale. The result? A remarkable surge in engagement, leads, and meaningful interactions that underscore our commitment to propelling brands into leading positions.

Empowering Neauvia's Digital Presence: Our Collaborative Journey in the UAE

  • Devised a comprehensive content strategy tailored to Neauvia’s brand and goals.
  • Curated and executed engaging content, resonating with the UAE audience, and aligning with Neauvia’s global vision.
  • Managed Neauvia’s social media accounts to maintain consistency, boost engagement, and foster meaningful interactions.
  • Provided video production support, producing captivating video content to showcase Neauvia’s fillers for clients.
  • Equipped Neauvia’s representatives with impactful marketing materials, including brochures and flyers, to enhance sales efforts.
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